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Baltimore NodeSchool is open

Posted by Jason Rhodes on March 30th, 2014

tl;dr: I have a ton of people to thank for how awesome this event has come together, and I’m super excited for it. If you just want to learn about the event itself, visit our website or go right to the registration page.

The first time I heard about “nodeschool” was on the nodeschool episode of the NodeUp podcast, and I immediately wanted to bring it to Baltimore. Amazingly, there was almost no node.js community here that I could find, so after a month or two of dragging my feet worried I wouldn’t do it perfectly, I said, “what the hell” and went for it.

I want to bring @nodeschool to Baltimore. If you know node or you want to learn, help me plan our first event. http://t.co/lFoO3bqeHU
— Jason Rhodes (@rhodesjason) March 13, 2014

That tweet immediately got some traction which gave me hope that there was enough interest to make it worth it, so I just kept going with no idea what I was doing at all. The next thing I knew, I had a twitter account, a GitHub organization, and discussion thread to start the conversation. And off we went!

Community is crazy

The most encouraging part of the process was the help I got from people who live 1200 to 2800 miles away and unlikely to attend or benefit from our event in any meaningful way. Josh and Tracy jumped right in and gave a ton of helpful thoughts to get us started in the right direction (thanks, both of you).

Then, other Baltimore groups joined in. Angelique offered advice and support from her experience with Girl Develop It Baltimore, which started a good relationship that I hope continues. And I’ve gotten support from the BmoreJS group, the PHP group, and others, too.

Location falls from the sky

Finding a good location with the right kind of space and free parking and good wi-fi felt like it was going to be pretty difficult, even with all the help I was getting. Then, out of the blue, Shawn Grimes showed up on our GitHub discussion and offered up the Digital Harbor Tech Center, which is pretty much the perfect location for a nodeschool event. This event planning stuff is easy!

Registration open, here we go?

So after spending some time on a code of conduct (again, thanks to @mikeal for some pointers there) and getting our new baltimore nodeschool website up and running, we’ve got our registration site live along with 4 or 5 mentors already committed to help. If the event turns out half as good as the planning process has gone, I’ll be thrilled.

Register now!

If you want to learn more about baltimore nodeschool, visit http://baltimorenodeschool.github.io, or to register for our first event on May 4th, go to https://ti.to/baltimorenodeschool/nodeschool.

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